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JSC «RPA «Electronic Device Engineering» was established in 2009. 

The main type of the Company activity is scientific-technical research and develoment of technologies for creation of multitask unified radar and optical informational means of different intended use. JSC «RPA «Electronic Device Engineering» also works in other directions :

  • Production of electronic and radio elements, electronic tubes
  • Production of television and radio transmitting equipment, telecommunication equipment    
  • Production of equipment for receiving, recording and replication of sound and image 
  • Production of devices and instruments for measurements, control, tests, navigation, operation and other purposes
  •  Wholesale and retail trade of other machines and equipment 
  • Activity in the field of architecture, engineer-technical design, geological research and geophysical works, geodesic and mapping activity, activity in the field of standardization and metrology, activity in the field of hydrometeorology  

The Company has three branches: in Saint-Petersburg, in Smolensk and in Dagestan Republic.  

Smolensk branch performs scientific activities and development. 

In Dagestan there are the main production facilities of the Company, where housing, blocks, parts and other large assembly units are manufactured. At the beginning of year 2016 it was decided to expand the production which is now located in cities of Derbent and Kaspiysk.